IDIH präsentiert mit der Hochschule Karlsruhe ein innovatives Roboter-basiertes Konzept für die „Letzte Meile“ am 11.09.18 bei der POST-EXPO 2018 in Hamburg.

E-commerce is developing unabated by 12% annual growth. Deutsche Post AG recently announced a significant drop in profits due to the letter/parcel service in Germany; Hermes introduced ‚upper limits of parcels‘ in the 2017 Christmas business because the flood of packages was no longer manageable; 3.5 billion parcels in Germany with an expected doubling in 10 years. A 7-10% annual increase in parcels in the KEP industry means a need for 7-10 % more logisticians. Where to get these employees from, especially on the last mile? A totally new concept for the efficient loading of parcel delivery vehicles and providing at each stop using robotics was developed. In addition to a reduction in loading time of approximately 90%, the parcel capacity per vehicle is increased by some 40% and at the same time the productivity of the parcel deliverers increases significantly – the right answer to the actual and future problems in KEP on the last mile.


Dr Christian Wurll                                                       Bernd Kratz   

Professor                                                                      Co-Founder and Shareholder                                                                 

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences                    Institut des Interaktiven Handels GmbH

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